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Exposition virtuelle "Film Like Kubrick" : votez pour votre mini-film favori !

Dans le cadre du programme de 1ère spécialité anglais, les élèves du groupe 1AGL83 ont travaillé sur le film "2001 : A Space Odyssey". Ils ont en particulier travaillé sur les techniques filmiques, innovatrices pour l'époque (1968), utilisées par le réalisateur Stanley Kubrick.

En fin de séquence, leur objectif était de réaliser un mini-film en s'inspirant des techniques de Kubrick.

A vous de voter pour votre mini-film favori!

Vous trouverez sur cette page une présentation du film "2001", la présentation de chaque mini-film, le lien vers les vidéos et le lien vers le formulaire pour voter.

Présentation de "2001: A Space Odyssey" and Stanley Kubrick (by Morgane and Emma)

2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY is a britannico-american movie released in 1968 who is a science fiction movie  produced and directed by stanley Kubrick.

In a prehistoric area, a tribe of hominins is driven away from its water hole by a rival tribe. The next day, they find an alien monolith has appeared in their midst. The tribe then learn how to use a bone as a weapon and, after their first hunt, return to drive their rivals away with it. After a crew who go in the space in the direction to Jupiter with an artificial intelligence, who name is HAL who rebel face to the crew and Dave and…

Stanley Kubrick was a famous director of science-fiction movies. He’s today described as a genius of the 70’s cinematography because of his revolutionary techniques. Like his most popular movie « 2001 » where we can see his signatures. His signatures makes the movies unique: the Kubrick’s stare, it’s a close-up to the eyes that shows the emotions of the characters, he also uses the colors. Kubrick also likes to show symmetrical scene to give Importance to the character . Or also he likes to use natural lights like candles.

In our « Spé Anglais », we all did a short movie with Kubrick’s techniques. You are welcomed to watch the videos with the QR code and vote for your favorite one.

Présentation des mini-films

By Sarah, Océane and Faustine

Our story is about a mysterious shadow that scared a girl. There are a lot of unforeseen developments. To create this video, we have been inspired by Kubrick’s.

Kubrick is a famous director who had created the firsts science fiction film. In class we have study three technical that Kubrick created and use in his movies. So in first we have used different camera shots to create dynamism. We have decided to advantage music at dialogue because we wanted that our short movies be more realistic and certain time we choose to make scene with no sound to show fear. In our movie we used different breadcrumbs. It’s little clues to give away the end discreetly.

By Gabin, Noah and Swan

This short film we made is about a man who at first drives his car listening to music, but the news alert turns on the radio and says there was a car accident on the road and that a succession of bad things happens to him.

There are 3 technics like Kubrick’s film’s. First, the breadcrumb, its some clues, to introduce what’s going to happen next in the story. There are some music that help us to accentuate the emotion. And then, there are different plan that are used to make suspens and emotion on the film.

By Kymy, Kilian and Héléna

"Isolation" begins with a man exiting his room because he heard music play during the night he then goes to investigate the noise only to be scared by the television turning on. Kubrick's technique were the Kubrick stare it used when protagonist is staring at the camera after is staring at the camera after the tv turn . The presence of music is used multiple time with both the music heard at the beggining and the music that play when the tv turn on. Finally the breadcrumb is the door opening after the tv turn on.

By Anzhelika and Marylou

Summary: Fill the lantern with all your problems and let it fly away. It will explode and you’ll find the way. Remember the tree where you found the cat. It started and it never lasted.

Kubrick  techniques :

  • we change the speed of the music
  • the silence is omnipresent
  • we made a loop
  • we used special effects
  • we used annoying noises
  • it’s looooooooooooong

After changing the pace of the music the loop looks even longer… and the noises became even more frequent. This way the movie seems incomprehensible. We don’t want it to be liked or watched we just wanted it to be tedious and annoying, like that the atmosphere is the heaviest.

By Charlotte and Eva

Our story talks about two girls who walk in a parc, to have a break.  But someone is following them in their back. When they separate, the stranger continues to follow one of the two. Sudenly, he is extremely close to her and her fate is in his hands.

To do our little movie we used 3 Kubrick’s techniques :

  • Kubrick's stare: it is a technique to show a character's dwindling sanity named after Stanley Kubrick due to his frequent usage. It involves the character's face tilting down and them looking up beneath the eyebrows.
  • We add a stressful music to make you feel anxious and nervous everytime the stranger became close to girls
  • To show in better the panic on character’s face we made many close up which are concentrate on feelings.

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